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Peer Tutoring

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We continually seek tutors throughout the year in most programs. Feel free to submit a peer services application package at any time.


Be a tutor.

Peer Services hires students with an 80% average and strong interpersonal skills.  Paid tutoring positions are available in most programs available on campus. Tutors work flexible hours, according to their availability and the student’s timetable. Tutors can also work towards two tutoring credentials through the College Reading and Learning Association. Tutoring is a great experience and looks good on a resume!  In order to be eligible to tutor, you must have a minimum 80% average and excellent interpersonal skills. Previous experience is not necessary! 

  • Shona Klugman, Peer Services Advisor - Barrie
    Room K112
    Phone: 705.728.1968 ext.1046 



For more information on the positions offered within Peer Services please download these position descriptions.