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Peer Tutoring

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Barrie Drop-in Tutoring Times

Monday: 1pm to 5pm - Chelsea
Tuesday: 11am to 1pm - Belinda (Accounting)
1pm to 3pm - Kellie (Admin)
Wednesday: 11am to 3pm - Monica (Marketing)
3pm to 6pm - Kellie (Admin)
Thursday: 12pm to 3pm - Kat (Human Resources)
3pm to 7pm - Chelsea
Friday: 12pm to 2pm - Belinda (Accounting)
2pm to 4pm - Monica (Marketing)
Monday: 1pm to 3pm - Max (Electrical Engineering)
3pm to 5pm - Euri (Electrical Engineering)
Tuesday: 10am to 12pm - Christian (Environmental Technology)
12pm to 3pm - Tarun (Mechanical Engineering)
3pm to 6pm - Miguel (Civil Engineering)
Wednesday: 2pm to 4pm - Tarun (Mechanical Engineering)
4pm to 6pm - Michelle (Environmental Technology)
Thursday: 11am to 1pm - Christian (Environmental Technology)
1pm to 5pm - Miguel (Civil Engineering)
5pm to 7pm - Michelle (Environmental Technology)
Friday: 10am to 1pm - Euri (Electrical Engineering)
Monday: 12pm to 3pm - Eman (Nursing)
3pm to 6pm - Arthur (Nursing)
Tuesday: 3pm to 7pm - Raghav (Pre-health)
Wednesday: 10am to 12pm - Jason (Pre-health and Nursing)
4pm to 7pm - Jason (Pre-health and Nursing)
Thursday: 10am to 2pm - Jeff (Massage Therapy)
2pm to 5pm - Amber (Nursing)
5pm to 7pm - Arthur (Nursing)
Friday: 10am to 12pm - Jeff (Massage Therapy)
12pm to 3pm - Regan (Pharmacy)



Barrie Library

Pre-Health Study Groups

Email for information or drop in to K112