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APA Writing & Citing Guide

APA examples provided are not exhaustive. Students must seek assistance from the Writing Centre and/or their Professor for specific or problematic references. The library is not responsible for errors, omissions or problems of interpretation. Last Updated

Using Citation Generators

Wait - citation generators frequently cause errors. Check your citations!Many Library databases, including MultiSearch, can help you generate a basic APA citation. There are also citation generators available on the web that can also be helpful. However...

Any automatically generated citation has the potential to contain errors.

You must check the citation carefully to avoid errors.

Watch for problems such as:

  • Capitalizing Every Word In The Article Title or using ALL CAPS

Watch out for wrong capitalization for APA reference list entries.

  • Not abbreviating the author's first name eg: Thomas, John instead of Thomas, J.
  • Switching the order of elements in the citation

Please consult the Writing Centre or your Professor for more help