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Your Library User ID is the number under the barcode on your student card. Your PIN is the last 4 digits of the same number.

sample Onecard and older Georgian student cards.

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I don’t have my course textbook. Do you know where I might find one?

Textbooks can be expensive but are really important to support your course material. We’ve been able to identify a few solutions:

  1. Georgian Store is open for online orders
  2. Search Amazon’s used book market
  3. Search Facebook groups for used books: Orillia Georgian College Book Exchange, Georgian College Barrie Book Swap, Georgian College Used Textbooks. Students post their used texts or post as wanted
  4. Contact the publisher. Some publishers are making textbooks open access during the health crisis. Use your college email.
  5. The library has an open educational resource (OER) guide that offers a search engine and suggestions for some subjects. These might not be your textbook but an OER could have the same or similar content.

I don’t have wifi. Any suggestions?

Parking lots at Barrie, Owen Sound, Orillia, Midland, Muskoka, Orangeville, and South Georgian Bay campuses have wifi enabled.

Speed decreases the further you are away from the building but you can still get the signal.

Remember to maintain social distance by limiting the number of people in the car.

How can I access files on my G: drive?

Email and include your name, student number and the files you need. A service ticket will be created and staff will try to get you your files as soon as possible.

Everything asks for my student email address! I don't know what it is.

It is confusing. You login to the student portal, Banner, student mail, and Blackboard using It's explained here on the Information Technology page.

Your student email address - what people see when they get an email from you - looks like this: However, some of our students have the same names so your email address may look a little different. Use this tipsheet to see how to find your student email address.

Laptop and SmartStop Questions

Who can get a laptop?

Students are encouraged to individually secure the necessary technology required to support their academic program requirements. Here is information on awards, scholarships, and bursaries.

Laptops are available to any currently enrolled Georgian College student at any campus (Barrie, Orillia, Owen Sound, Midland, South Georgian Bay, Orangeville, Muskoka). Students must be in an academic semester taking courses and living in Ontario. Students may only loan a laptop for one academic semester (fall or winter or summer) within the academic year. Laptops are not available to students who are in a work term. Georgian is trying to help students without technology access, while all courses are being delivered online. Georgian cannot guarantee that all requests will be filled. Limited quantities are available.

How can I request a laptop?

Complete this request form.

You will need your:

What hardware and software will I get?

Hardware – standard PC laptop with power supply

Software – Standard factory installed software. Use Georgian’s Student Portal to access standard MS Office applications. Use AppsAnywhere to access specific program and course software.

How can I get help if I have a technical question or something isn't working?

Support is available 24/7 by our Information Technology (IT) Support. All hardware and software questions should be sent to or call 705.728.1968 ext. 1732 or toll free 1.877.374.3224

What data or information can I store on the laptop?

You are encouraged to store all files in OneDrive, available through the Student Portal. Minimize any personal information stored on the laptop and remove it before returning the laptop.

How do I remove any personal or confidential information stored on the laptop?

First, make sure you have copies of any data or files stored on the laptop. Delete any files you have created from the laptop.

Next, follow these directions.

Need help? Contact IT: or call 705.728.1968 ext. 1732 or toll free 1.877.374.3224

How do I return the laptop I received?

When you received the laptop, there was a return label and information sheet included. Following the instructions, bring your repackaged laptop to the closest open UPS location and return it to us by the due date. Don’t forget to wipe your personal information and data before returning the laptop.

If you do not have a return label or would like confirmation of the due date to avoid late charges, email

What if I don't return the laptop? Then what?

If the laptop and all peripherals are not returned, $2000 will be added to your Georgian College student finance account. If the laptop is damaged, you will be charged the cost of the actual repair. If the laptop cannot be repaired, you will be charged a $2000 replacement cost.

I don’t have an Internet service at home. Can Georgian help?

Georgian has a limited number of SmartSpot devices that will allow you to connect to a pre-configured Wi-Fi network. You must have a Wi-Fi enabled device (tablet, laptop, etc.) that will connect to the service. Email with your request. Provide us with your full name, student number, and academic program name. These devices will be circulated on a first-come, first-served basis. Georgian cannot guarantee that all requests will be filled. Here is the SmartSpot Quick Start Guide.

If you receive a SmartSpot device, keep all the packaging and return label in a safe location. You will need it to return the device.

What are the limits on the SmartSpot device?

These devices run on the Bell network. The plan has a daily data limit of 500MB and a monthly limit of 5GB. When the daily or monthly limit is reached, the device will no longer work until the next day or month (depending on which limit was reached). Plan your use with these limits in mind.

How do I return my SmartSpot device?

Email and notify us that you are returning the device. Don’t forget to tell us your name and student number! Using the return label and packaging from when you received the device, follow the return instructions. Bring your repackaged device to the closest, open UPS location . Devices must be returned to Georgian by August 14th.

Register for courses

I have no clue how to register for my courses. Help!

No problem. Registrar's Office is offering assistance. Check the student portal events for dates and times. Check the Registrar's Office info on registering for courses.

I registered for my courses, but I want to change my selections. Help!

No problem. Registrar's Office is offering assistance. Check the student portal events for dates and times. Check the Registrar's Office info on registering for courses.

How do I use Banner? I need my timetable and want to check my account, too. I don't know where to look.

Registrar's Office to the rescue! They are offering assistance. Check the student portal events for dates and times. Check the Registrar's Office info for help on accessing student systems.

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