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Math Centre

Be a Math Centre Tutor

We continually seek tutors throughout the year in most programs. Feel free to submit a Math Centre Tutor application package at any time.


Paid tutoring positions are available in most programs available on campus. Tutors work flexible hours, according to their availability and the student’s timetable. Tutors can also work towards two tutoring credentials through the College Reading and Learning Association. Tutoring is a great experience and looks good on a resume!  

Math Centre Tutor Job Description

Position Title

Math Centre Tutor


Library and Academic Success






Up to 24 Hours

Position Overview

Math Centre Tutors are current Georgian College & University Partnership Students who work collaboratively with the Math Centre Technologist who provide functional guidance, mentorship, leadership and support to the tutors. The tutors help students become more confident with their math skills by providing academic assistance through clarification and reinforcement of Math course materials. Working one-to-one or in small groups tutors patiently support the development of their by showing them tips and strategies to build their skills and understanding of the academic area.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide math assistance using a coaching or non-directive approach
  • Demonstrated understanding and application of general mathematics, mathematics for technology, business mathematics, accounting, statistics and applied mathematics
  • Provide excellent customer service to students who drop-in for support and triage student need, establish a plan of action to determine their needs
  • Ability to explain math concepts to students with a variety of different learning styles
  • Track student usage
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Participate in class visits/college-wide events (ex: Orientation) to promote Math Centre
  • Participate in additional training workshops as required
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Must have completed your first year of your program. First year students may be considered based on previous education (Preference given to students with 80% or higher average)
  • Strong customer service, interpersonal skills, excellent verbal, writing skills
  • Proven time management habits
  • Previous tutoring experience an asset


Resume, Cover letter, two faculty references and one copy of an academic math assignment.   Send resume to