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What are On-Campus Reserves?

Reserves are materials that faculty have deemed necessary to their specific course. This is an active collection of circulating materials and is monitored for use. Materials are chosen by faculty and placing material on reserve, allow those items to be accessible to the greatest number of students. Reserve items usually have a check out time of 2 hours and may not leave the library. Please see our Reserves Policy.


Benefits for Faculty:

  • one copy on reserve can allow access to all students within a class
  • allows faculty to track usage of material over a semester
  • utilizes library's collection to augment faculty's resources


Benefits for Students: 

  • provides access to materials on faculty's recommended reading lists
  • prevents monopolization of one source over a period of time
  • more equitable access for all within a class

Procedure for On-Campus Reserves


The following may be placed on reserve:

  • Library or personal copies of books
  • Photocopies of articles/chapters 
  • DVDs, videos or CDs
  • Study guides, study aid and workbooks 
  • Kits or models



  • Provides course code/course name
  • Sets the length of loan period
  • Advises the end date for reserve (i.e. 2 wks, end of semester) 



  • Verifies copyright compliance  
  • Processes reserve requests in order by date of request
  • Identifies if materials are available from electronic sources such as the library databases and provide persistent links


Please see the Reserve Policy here for more information or contact the Library

Removal of Print Reserves:

Item cannot be left on reserve indefinitely, however, items that are used across multiple semesters may be placed on reserve for up to three semesters and reviewed annually for renewals.

Returns of personal items placed on reserve may be held for you to pick up or may be shipped to your office depending on your preference.

Please note: This is an active, circulating collection and as such is monitored for use; items which have been dormant or a have a low record of use in the last academic year may be removed from the Reserve Collection. Due to space limitations, items not in use cannot be stored in the library for future semesters. 

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