View common problems & suggested solutions, including database access issues.

Database troubleshooting basics

Try these quick fixes to get you searching in no time!

  1. What internet browser are you using? Internet Explorer? Firefox? Chrome?
    Check the database description to see if there is a preferred browser. Some databases simply don't play nicely with particular browsers. We tryto keep this information updated, and located right next to the database name/description on our research guides and database list.
    Check to see if there is an alternate browser installed on your computer, and try accessing the library website/databases again from the new browser.
    If you've tested in multiple browsers but still get the same error message, there may be a problem on the library's end - let us know!!
  2. Have you cleared your cache/cookies and checked your internet settings?  Your web browser may have saved some settings in a previous session our website, or you may not be seeing the most current version of the library page if there have been recent updates. See our Browser & software requirements section for more suggestions and details.
  3. MAC users - as long as you are NOT USING FIREFOX you should authenticate quickly, get search results and access to PDF's with no issues.

Other frequently asked questions

General database access error messages

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