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Starting Databases

Different databases are useful at different times, as they contain different content.

Professional Magazines

Trade magazines are useful for staying current in your profession.  You may consider subscribing to these titles.  The magazines website also may contain useful resources.

Other Databases

Recommended E-Resources

How to find Stable Links to Library's Online Resources

Here are some screenshots that illustrate how to locate links in some of our popular databases. Please see Linking to Library resources for more information about how to create stable links to include in Blackboard, Powerpoint or other locations.

Page1+ records page shows the permalink button

  1. Click Permalink on the Send to menu of the article's detailed record page
  2. A textbox will appear above the article title revealing a new stable URL
  3. Copy and paste into Blackboard. 

Image source: Page1+ detailed record view, retrieved March 30, 2023 (c) ExLibris.

Gale database article showing the get link icon to locate the permalink

  1. Access the record/full text view of the article
  2. Look for the Get Link icon on the top navigation bar
  3. Copy & paste into Blackboard.

Image source: Gale Academic Onefile full article view, retrieved March 30, 2023 (c) Cengage.

Ovid record view showing the Email JumpStart link used to locate permalink

  1. Click "Email Jumpstart" found under the Tools menu
  2. Copy the Jumpstart URL and paste into Blackboard

Image source: Ovid Full Text Journals detailed record view, retrieved March 30, 2023 (c) Ovid Technologies, inc.

Nexis UNI screenshot showing the link icon after the document title used to find the permalink

  1. Click the Link icon at end of the document name
  2. Copy and paste the Link to this page URL into Blackboard.

Image source: Nexis UNI detailed record view, retrieved March 30, 2023 (c) LexisNexis.

ProQuest screenshot showing the All options link to locate permalink


  1. On the Abstract/Details page, click All Options (near the cite, email & print links)
  2. Copy & paste the URL that appears at top of All save & export options pop up into Blackboard.

Image source: ProQuest ABI/Inform Collection Abstract/Details view, retrieved March 30, 2023, (c) ProQuest.

ScienceDirect screenshot showing DOI located after the title/author information

  1. Right click the "doi:" link; Select copy link address
  2. Paste the link into Blackboard

Image source: ScienceDirect College Edition full article view, retrieved March 30, 2023, (c) Elsevier B.V.

Anatomy & Physiology

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