Frequently Asked Questions

Student FAQs

How do I access library resources from off campus?

You will use your network login information.

If you have already logged into Georgian's network, you won't need to enter that information again unless you have closed your web browser.

How can I get research help?

You can visit us in-person, make an appointment with a research help staff member, or email us, or use our askON online research service.

Check out all the ways you can connect and get research help here.

When is askON (online research help) available?

askON research help is available during Fall, Winter, and Summer semesters. Available service hours depend on the semester. Check our website for service hours.

Between semesters, Georgian library staff offer online research help via askON Monday to Friday. Check our website for service hours.

How do I get started with research?

  1. Check your program research guide
  2. Here's our list of databases
  3. Use Google Scholar
  4. Use the web but review the source
  5. Evaluate what you find
  6. Cite what you use

Still not sure how to do research? Check out the Doing Research guide

Or check out The Learning Portal's Research hub.

How can I find ebooks?

We have several eBook databases.

In addition, when searching Page 1+, you can limit your search result to eBooks by selecting "Available online" found under "Availability", then also check "Books" found under "Resource Type"

Page 1+filters for ebooks. "available online" & "books" highlighted

I have books from the library. How do I return them? Will I have overdue fines?

You can return any resources to the Barrie, Orillia, or Owen Sound libraries during our open hours. We aren't charging any fines.

Can I get copies of articles that Georgian doesn’t have?

Yes! We can provide items through our Get It Free! (interlibrary loan) service or email us directly. There may be some resources we cannot provide.

I need to cite my sources using APA 7th edition. Help!

You’re right, you need to cite all the sources you use in your assignments. Here are some options:

  1. Use the Library’s Citing guide. Our revised 7th version is available
  2. Contact our Writing Centre. They offer both paper feedback and email assistance.
  3. The APA Style website is an excellent source of information as well. They have many examples and instructional aids. We use them all the time.

Can I borrow my textbook from the reserves at the library?

Textbooks can be expensive but are really important to support your course material. Course reserves are available at the libraries. Some courses have textbooks on reserve. We’ve been able to identify a few other solutions:

  1. Georgian Store is open for online orders
  2. Search Facebook groups for used books: Orillia Georgian College Book Exchange, Georgian College Barrie Book Swap, Georgian College Used Textbooks. Students post their used texts or post as wanted

Note about used textbooks: Some textbooks are purchased with a code to access online content. This code has probably already been used and is no longer valid if you get a used textbook.

Copyright FAQs

I’m a professor. Can I scan some information to make it available to my students on Blackboard?

We can help with this! Contact us through our copyright team email with details about the information you'd like to make available. We will determine if it can be posted in Blackboard, provided through eReserves, or accessed in another way.

As a professor, can I post additional/ancillary resources from the publisher of our required textbook on Blackboard?

Most publishers will allow you to share the content as long as it is a required textbook. Contact us through our copyright team email to confirm that your textbook’s publisher allows this..

Does the library offer professors any options or services for placing course materials on reserve?

Yes! The library offers both print and eReserves. Contact us through our copyright team email and tell us what you'd like. We'll figure out the details.

I have found an image from a website. Can I use it in my slides or lessons for class? What about images in library databases?

Images found on the web can have a variety of copyright or open licensing permissions. The library also has databases with images that you may be able to use. Contact us through our copyright team email for guidance.

I want to use a video from one of the library's streaming databases. Do I have to add anything for copyright?

Video streaming collections from the library are licensed for use by Georgian staff, students, and faculty for educational purposes. We recommend that you include a citation to acknowledge the source. If you want to access streaming links from off campus, check with us about creating persistent links.

I'm a professor and I usually show a DVD in my in-person class. Now that we are online, what can I do?

Contact us through our copyright team email and include the title of the video you would like to use. We will find out what options are available.

I would like to show a YouTube video in class. Is this allowed?

YouTube is a great educational video source but there are some steps to take first. To ensure copyright compliance, you need to determine who owns the rights to the video posted.We're happy to help you determine this. Contact us through our copyright team email.

Interlibrary Loan FAQs

What is interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary loan is a free service where you can request a resource that Georgian libraries may not have access to. The library does its best to locate the resource for you from another library.

How do I request an item through interlibrary loan?

In some of our databases, you'll see a link to "Get it free" or "Request an article". Copy the citation information, click on the link, and complete the form. You can also request an item by filling out this form or by emailing Please include the full citation for the item being requested.

What if I do not have all the citation information required on the interlibrary loan form?

Ask our research help staff or email for assistance.

Why am I required to use my Georgian email address to place an interlibrary loan request?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service available for current Georgian students and employees only. Your Georgian email is used to verify you are a current member of the college. Requests made with other email accounts may not be processed. If you don't know your Georgian email address, check here.

If I request an article, how long does it take to receive it?

Articles are usually quick to receive. It depends on how quickly the other library fills the requests. State on the ILL request form the last possible day you need the article by, which is usually before your assignment is due. As soon as we receive it, we will email it to you.

Can I borrow my textbook on interlibrary loan for the semester?

No, textbooks are not borrowed through interlibrary loan. Please see Georgian Stores to purchase your textbooks or check with your professor to see if it is on eReserves.

Can I request a book through interlibrary loan?

Yes! Complete this form with all of the information.

Can I request an eBook through interlibrary loan?

Unfortunately, no. There is no system available that will allow the loaning of eBooks to other libraries. We would be happy to help you find another book or eBook on your topic from our collection. Connect with our research team for assistance.

How do I cancel my interlibrary loan request?

Email and we'll take care of it.

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