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Jennifer Varcoe
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Barrie Campus Library, K210C
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Where are the veterinary books & DVDs?

Biology - try browsing the QH section

Cats (Diseases and pests)- SF 981- SF 986

Cats (including breeds)- SF 441-SF 450

Dentistry- SF 867

Dog Breeds - try this research guide under Websites, the reference shelf and SF 422-429 on our shelves

Dogs (Diseases and pests)- SF 991 - SF 992

Dogs (including breeds)- SF 421- SF 440.2

Emergencies/ Critical Care - SF 778

Handling wild animals- try browsing the QL section (Zoology)

Laboratory animals- SF 405.5 - SF 407 (also try QL 55)

Laboratory animals and Others (diseases and pests)- SF 996.5 - SF 997.5

Nursing- SF 774.5

Pets (small animals) - SF 409- SF 416.6

Rabbits- SF 451 - SF 455

Reptiles- SF 515- 518

Wounds and injuries- SF 914.3

Pharmaceuticals / Drugs

Find definitions & Key concepts

Need definitions or key concepts? Try our REFERENCE shelf.

These items must stay in the library.


Books on Reserve

These items can be used for two hours, but must stay in the library. 

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