Career Research Guide

Welcome to the Career Research Guide! The purpose of this guide to assist you in finding resources for your job hunt.

Co-op Education and Career Services

Co-operative Education and Career Success has a Career | Co-op | Field Placement Resources site accessible from MyGCLife (student portal) login. 

Students have access to career and employment resources including:

  • resume and cover letter assistance
  • interview coaching
  • co-op and job search support
  • career assessments
  • career planning
  • research occupation by program
  • help with registration for graduate job postions and employment portfolios
  • work/study abroad resources
  • ...and much more


If you need help answering the following questions, consider contacting a career consultant:

  • When should I start planning my career?
  • Which careers match my personality and interests?
  • How can I manage my career using emplyability skills?

Career Plan Model

a circle graphic is composed of three sections - know yourself, explore options, plan your actions

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