View common problems & suggested solutions, including database access issues.

Library Logins

Your Library User ID is the number under the barcode on your student card. Your PIN is the last 4 digits of the same number.

sample Onecard and older Georgian student cards.

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Library Login Help


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Older versions of Internet Explorer

Please note that many of our databases & services are no longer supporting older versions of Internet Explorer.

If you are encountering difficulty using library databases or MultiSearch, please check your browser version.

Browser & software requirements

The library website and many of our databases are optimized for the last few browser versions.

If you are having difficulty with the library website or individual databases, and have already verified your PIN, but still cannot access a database please consider:

  • are your security settings set to "high"? some content might be limited
  • try clearing your cache or history and restarting your web browser:
  • your cookie settings - not accepting cookies might limit your access
  • is Adobe Reader installed / up to date - needed for accessing PDF files
  • is Adobe Flash Player installed / up to date - needed for viewing video files and more
  • is your Internet service provider using a proxy? If so, you may need to contact them for assistance

Need to contact us? Send us a screenshot of your error(s) or problem by email, so we can better understand what's happening.

Video display on Tablets & Mobile Phones

Some of the library resources feature streaming video sources

Please note that some sources may not be optimized for display on tablets or mobile phones

Website & Calendar Display

Library Website & Research Guides

  • The Library website displays properly in the most recent versions of all major browsers
  • Some features of these sites may have compatibility issues with older versions of Internet Explorer (including compatibility view settings)


  • Library calendars display best in Firefox, Chrome & Safari.
  • Can't scroll to the next week in IE? Compatibility issues are being addressed. Try Firefox, Chrome, Safari for better results. On College computers, access the Start Menu and look for "Internet Tools" to access Firefox.

Mobile & Accessible

  • Mobile and accessible versions of all library pages are under development
  • Access to mobile version of MultiSearch, Research Guides, and research help are already available
  • Try accessing on your mobile phone
  • Full size iPads & other tablets may default to the full version of our site - scroll to the bottom and select "mobile" to view in mobile browser mode
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