Kitchen & Bath Design

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Manufacturers & Accessibility (Universal Design)

Here are two key manufacturers for the kitchen and bath design industry.

Accessibility (Universal Design)

Here are some universal design tips for kitchens to ensure designs address everyday challenges and meet the needs of people regardless of age, size or ability

  • Provide open spaces in base cabinets accommodate wheelchairs.
  • Vary counter heights, and include pullout boards that lock in place for use as extra counter space.
  • Install faucets to the right or left of the sink instead of behind it.
  • Install appliances at accessible levels.
  • To make dishwashers more accessible, elevate them or use dishwasher drawers placed on either side of the sink. Front-loading laundry equipment also can be elevated.
  • Select nonreflective counter surfaces and appliances with easy-to-read controls to prevent eye strain.

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