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Mobile App Industry in Canada

According to the Business of Apps, the mobile app market in Canada in 2024 is a highly consolidated one with widespread smartphone use and good per-user consumer spend. Canada had the highest per capita spending growth among the 10 largest markets at the start of the pandemic.

Here are some key Canadian app market statistics:

  • The Canadian app market generated $2.8 billion in revenue in 2023, an increase of $200 million on the previous year
  • There were 31.2 million Canadian smartphone users in 2023
  • Apps were downloaded 1.23 billion times by Canadian users in 2023, an increase from 1.15 billion the year before
  • Disney+ was the top grossing app in Canada in 2023, generating $41 million
  • Canadian users spent 19 billion hours on mobile apps in 2023
  • Temu was the most downloaded app in Canada in 2023, with seven million downloads. TikTok came second with five million downloads.
  • The mobile app market in Canada is projected to reach a market volume of US $9,417 million by 2027


To examine the landscape more, it is interesting to note the following about mobile app development companies in Canada which specialize in developing apps for Android and iOS, including web design. These app developers concentrate on the following areas:

  • Custom apps: They use a codebase that quickly syncs across platforms, ensuring overall app consistency.
  • Reduced operational cost: Can often cost less than mobile app developers in other countries and helps you stay within budget.
  • UX design: Mobile apps that are crafted to reflect your brand personality with intuitive interfaces.
  • Quality assurance: Software optimization that detects bugs, threats, and other technical problems.
  • VR and AR technology: They build mobile apps that give your users an interactive, real-world experience with new technology.


In considering this rapidly growing mobile app frontier, it's a good reminder that Canada’s privacy laws require all businesses to balance innovation and entrepreneurialism with effective privacy protection. This applies to mobile app developers. The Privacy Commissioner of Canada has five key privacy considerations for developing mobile apps. Check them out to inform your practice!

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