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Writing Centre

What is the Writing Centre?

As part of the Academic Success Centre our goal is to empower students to learn more effectively and efficiently, to earn higher grades, become more independent learners and persist throughout their studies and beyond. The Writing Centre is not an editing service, but rather works to help students become stronger and more confident writers.

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What is the Language Help Centre?

Get help from the Language Help Centre!

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Visit our site on the student portal for complete information on our services.

We can assist with:

  • using proper grammar
  • writing clear sentences
  • creating paragraphs
  • preparing a presentation

FAQs: Writing

What type of writing help is available?

You can submit a paper for feedback. Our writing technologists will review up to 30% of your paper and provide feedback within 3 business days. Tell us your name, student number, email, and program. You can also drop-in to one of our remote drop-in sessions or book an appointment. During Summer 2021, book an appointment by contacting Academic Success.

How do I submit a paper (or report or essay) for feedback?

  1. Select "get paper feedback" from our department website or the Writing Centre guide.
  2. Remember, your paper isn't being edited or changed in any way. It takes up to 3 business days before you receive feedback in the form of comments. Only 30% (or 1/3) of your paper is reviewed.
  3. Select "Begin to submit a paper".
  4. Enter the required information - first and last names, Georgian email address, program of study, etc.
  5. Describe the type of feedback or section in your paper you would like feedback on. Examples are APA formatting, references and in-text citations, paragraph structure, etc.
  6. Now add your paper in MSWord format. You can either click the box to open the folders on your computer or drag a file over. Your file will be listed under the upload box.
  7. The maximum file size is 2MB.
  8. Selected the wrong file? No worries, you can delete it by clicking the garbage can icon.
  9. Sometimes it's really helpful to include the assignment instructions. You can upload them, too. There is a separate upload box for assignment instructions.
  10. Click the "Submit" button.
  11. If you want a copy of the form submission, either enter a valid email address or select the email you used in the form. Now click the "continue" button. Your paper has been submitted.

I'm having problems with submitting a paper for feedback. What can I do?

If our form isn't working for you, email us at with the following required information.

  • First and last name
  • Student number
  • Georgian email address
  • Program of study
  • Attached paper for review.

You can attach the assignment instructions for clarification and tell us what you would like feedback on.

How long before I get the feedback?

We will return your paper with our feedback comments no later than 3 business days after you submit your paper. For example, if you submit the paper on a Monday, you'll get the paper back no later than Thursday. However, if you submit a paper on a Friday, you will receive feedback no later than Wednesday of the following week.

What happens when I submit a paper (or report or essay) for feedback?

One of our writing centre technologists looks at your paper and concentrates on 30% (or 1/3) of your paper. If you've identified where you need feedback, e.g. APA formatting, they will focus on what you want. All feedback will be in the form of comments within your document.

Once I get my paper back and I make changes based on the feedback, how do I get rid of those comments?

Within MSWord, make sure you are in the "Review" ribbon. You may need to select "Show Comments" or make sure that "All Markup" is selected. Select each comment and "Delete" it. What you need to do depends on if you are using a desktop or web version of MSWord.

Do you have drop-in times?

Drop-ins return for Fall 2021. Here is our drop-in schedule. Make sure you select the drop-in event to get the WebEx link. There may be more than 1 student receiving help at the same time. The writing centre technologist will admit you from the lobby.

Can I book an appointment with a Writing Centre technologist?

Contact Academic Success for an appointment. See our schedule for available times. We also offer drop-in help or you can submit a paper by email for feedback. Drop-ins and our appointment calendar return for Fall 2021.

How long are the appointments? (Fall 2021)

Appointments are 20-30 minutes long. You may only have 1 appointment per week to accommodate other students' needs.

How do I make an appointment with a writing centre technologist? (Fall 2021)

Our webpage links directly to the writing help page.

  1. Select "Book Now" to view the available appointments. Look for available (green) time slots.
  2. Select a time slot. Review the Terms and Conditions.
  3. Select "Continue".
  4. Complete the form with your preferred first name, last name, student email, student number, program, and briefly what you would like help with. Only your student email address is accepted. (how to find your student email address)
  5. Click "Submit my Booking". You will get a response in your student email account to confirm the booking. Check your junk folder in case it goes there.
  6. Click on the link provided to confirm or to cancel the booking.
  7. On the confirmation page, click "Yes".
  8. The booking is now confirmed. You will receive another email with the final confirmation. Keep the confirmation email. It includes the WebEx link for your appointment.

How should I prepare for an appointment or drop-in?

Be prepared to share your work electronically. Have your assignment ready in case we need clarification. Have a specific goal in mind for your session.

I can't make my appointment. How do I cancel it? (Fall 2021)

The confirmation email has a link that will let you cancel the booking.

Can you proofread my paper?

No, but we will show you how to proofread.

I need help with APA citations. Where can I look?

Use our APA Citing guide to help. You can also contact us to make an appointment.