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What is Fabrication?

Fabrication, as defined by Georgian College's (n.d.) academic integrity regulations, is:

"the falsification or invention of any information or citation in an academic work or program documentation" (section 8.2.2).

Examples of fabrication include:

  • creating a citation and reference for a resource that doesn't exist, that you didn't look at, or didn't really use in your assignment
  • creating or falsifying personal information such as criminal record check, clinical permits or other paperwork needed to fulfill academic or work requirements
  • inventing data or changing results to complete a lab report or experiment
  • forging a signature or creating fake documents

Understanding Fabrication - Examples

Watch the following video, created by students, to get a better understanding of Fabrication and Academic Misconduct.

Video source: Liam P. IUPUI. (2017, August 1). Academic integrity fabrication [Video]. YouTube.

Avoiding Fabrication and Academic Misconduct

Avoid putting yourself in a situation where you may be tempted to fabricate information, data, research sources or documentation:

Academic Misconduct - Consequences

Penalties for Academic Misconduct range in severity, depending on the situation and the number of prior academic misconduct issues.

The initial penalties for academic integrity offences at Georgian College may include:

  • verbal warning
  • resubmitting work
  • mark of zero in the work involved

Depending on the academic misconduct, your professor may also ask you to complete additional academic integrity training, attend a workshop or seek individual help to ensure that you can learn from the mistake and move on to be successful in your future assignments.

Academic Misconduct offences are recorded by the Registrar's office.

After one or more offences, penalties increase in severity and may also include:

  • mark of zero in the course (after multiple offences)
  • suspension from the college for one or more semesters
  • dismissal from program or college for varying periods of time

Review the Georgian College Academic Integrity Regulations for full details about academic integrity and misconduct, including definitions, policies and procedures, and consequences.

Except where otherwise noted, "Fabrication" by Georgian College Libraries and Academic Success is licensed under a CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0.


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