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Searching for Standards & Codes

The Techstreet database is located on the library's homepage under the link, "Databases A-Z." This database offers web-based access to a custom set of industry codes and standards in PDF format for areas such as engineering, architecture, technology, the construction industry, the trades and interior design.

Techstreet can be searched in several ways. In the Search box type a topic or standards number of interest and/or in the Browse area, search by a Standards Developing Organization (SDO) such as the Canadian Standards Association for content we have purchased.  Be sure to select the standard number and then select "Read" to view the document. Techstreet only searches standards and codes the library has purchased. Also, Techstreet search results are not included in the library's Multisearch.


Note: Ontario codes not available but if there are additional codes you would like to see added please contact to make your request.


Finding codes and standards using the library's Multisearch is effective. If known, select specific information such as a code title, the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, or a standard number such as the IEEE 802.3 standards for the Ethernet.  If you don't have this specific information, you may  try using a keyword which captures the topic of the code/standard or try using the name of the standards developing organization (SDO) such as the Canadian Standards Association.

However, if you don't have specific information and are searching by topic, then it may be more efficient to search databases such as Techstreet or IEEE EXplore Digital Library.

The IEEE Explore Digital Library database primarily contains IEEE Standards created by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Our subscription to the IEEE Explore Digital Library database does not provide access to free full text standards, but they can be requested freely through the library's interlibrary loan service.

There are several ways to find IEEE Standards in this database. They can be located specifically by browsing "Standards" and then by collection areas such as Power and Energy or Information Technology and then subdivided into specialty areas such as electrical machinery.  Standards can also be searched by specific standard number or if the number is not known, then they can easily be searched by preformatted topics such as Robotics & Control Systems.





Finding standards and codes in Google can be helpful as well.  When searching for standards or codes in Google, consider using as many keywords as possible to describe the content needed such as the topic, the word, "standard" or "code" or the standards developing organization who created it.  Try using quotations around a code title or standard number to refine search results.  If information about a code or standard is retrieved from Google, but is not free full text, then try finding the content full text in the Techstreet database or in the library's collection using the Multisearch.

The Regs4Ships database is located on the library's homepage under the link, Databases A-Z.  Regs4Ships can be searched or browsed by text and icons.

By placing code names or numbers in the search bar on the home page, users are able to see a listing of all results containing that word or phrase.

Regs4Ships Search Bar


By navigating to the top left-hand menu or the top right-hand labels, users are able to click on the name of the Standard Developing Organizations that have written various codes and be taken to a complete list of holdings.

Browse by text in Regs4Ships


By selecting an icon representing the various Standards Developing Organizations, users can view all the codes hosted on the website written by that authority.


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