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Project integration management is the coordination of all elements of a project. This includes coordinating tasks, resources, stakeholders, other project elements, managing conflicts among the parts of a project, making trade-offs among competing priorities and analyzing resources.  Assessing situations and making decisions are also key parts of project integration management.  It takes into account how aspects of a project relate to each other but how other parts of the organization relate to the project. Project integration management is one of the ten key knowledge areas in the PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge).


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How is a good idea for a computer application turned into a tangible, functioning product? This program studies the iPod and iPad app development team at Bjango to show how an information and communication technology project is successfully managed. The video follows the stages from conception and planning to building, testing, implementing, and evaluating the finished product, looking at the personnel, tools, and methodologies used along the way. Gantt charts, collaborative software, systems analysis and planning tools, and formal documentation are shown in action, and the importance of teamwork and conflict resolution is emphasized

What is Project Integration Management Diagram

This diagram, from Knowledgehut's blog, provides a good visual overview of the six project integration management processes including starting the process, initiating the process, planning the process, closing the process and ending the process.

Project Integration Management.  Start Project.  Initiation Process leads to developing a Project Charter.  Planning process leads to developing a project plan.  Execution Process leads to directing and managing a project work. Monitoring and controlling process leads to monitoring and controlling a project work and performiing integrated change control.  Closing process closes the project. End project.


Diagram from Knowledgeghut. (2020). 6 Project Integration Management Processes. Retrieved from

Project Management Integration Resources

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