OER at Georgian

Thinking of Adopting or Adapting an existing resource?

The sheer number of OER resources available can be a bit overwhelming.  You'll need to:

  • locate relevant resources
  • assess how they might work for your purposes
  • determine if you prefer to adopt, adapt, or create an entirely new resource

The first step is to review existing OERs to see what's available!

The OER librarian is available to help you identify resources! Please don't hesitate to reach out - we can help generate starting points and we are happy to discuss options with you! Want to have a look on your own? Review the following resources for suggestions...

We are here to help!

Wondering how to get started? Want to learn more about finding and adopting an OER? Ready to adapt an OER for your course?

As the OER librarian, I can help you with:

  • General questions about Open Educational Resources (OERs)
  • Considering if an OER is right for your course
  • Questions or concerns about copyright & licensing
  • Finding a sample or starting point OER to consider for your course
  • Building a "digital course pack" by drawing on available OER sources
  • Advice on OER platform or tool selection
  • Brainstorming ways to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in your OER
  • Identifying other Georgian faculty members (and provincial contacts) interested in OERs
  • Copyright & AODA Compliance audits
  • Funding opportunities, proposals & Expressions of Interest (EOIs)
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