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What is Tutoring?

Tutoring is a free service that helps students flourish academically.

  • Tutors coach you through course concepts
  • Learn new study skills and resources
  • Feel confident reaching your academic goals

Who is a Tutor?

Tutors are current and trained Georgian students who:

  • received an 80% in the course they are tutoring
  • are recommended by their professors
  • remain in good academic standing
  • are paid for tutoring

Why meet with a tutor?

Regular tutoring has been shown to increase the likelihood of continuing into the next semester.

Students who meet with a drop-in Tutor regularly have been shown to have a higher GPA than their peers.


Get Tutoring Help

Penji is a booking software that allows you to connect with free tutoring services.

  • Students can book 60 minutes a day and up to 120 minutes per week for tutoring appointments.
  • Sign into Penji with your student login

Penji is mobile friendly! Download the iOS or Android app.

For more help, email

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