Global Business Management

Critical Success Factors for Global Market Entry

Some of the critical success factors in launching a product or service globally are:

  • home country;
  • target country;
  • industry relevant to the product or service;
  • target market;
  • company launching the product or service.


Each of these requires research for a successful global launch.


Country Analysis

Country information needed may include:

  • demographic breakdown (identifies target market)
  • economic data
  • political stability
  • tariffs and taxes
  • infrastructure (transportation, etc.)


Sources to use from the web:


Sources from the library:

Industry Analysis

Identify the industry sector that your product/service fits in.

Sources to use from the web:


Sources from the library:

Country & Regional Trade Associations

Regional trade agreements (RTA) allow 2 or more countries to trade freely with each other within the guidelines of the agreement. These agreements help reduce trade barriers.

Some RTAs include:

  • CUSMA (Canada - United States - Mexiico)
  • Mercosur (Argentina - Brazil - Paraguay - Uruguay - Venezuela)
  • EU (European Union)
  • CARICOM (Caribbean Community)
  • Pacific Alliance (Chile - Columbia - Mexico - Peru)


Looking for more RTAs? Search the World Trade Organization's (WTO) database of RTAs.

Infrastructure Logistics

Infrastructure logistics identifies the transportation needs for your product or service.

The most common transportation means are air, rail, ocean, and land.

Review the country profile sources above for this information.

Once you've identified the transportation companies, review their company websites for further details.

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