Social Service Worker

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Project Draft

For the project draft, you will need to use some other resources. Don't forget that you can always revisit resources from assignment 1.

For example:

  • foundation or granting organization who could fund your project
  • evaluation research to help you identify how you will evaluate your proposed program
  • additional community research

Written communication is important for this assignment. The letter of intent must be concise and clear. Check out some of the resources listed below.

Community Assets (Services) Databases

Community Information databases provide listings of community service organizations, including agencies, non-profits and government services.  Searchable by topic, such as homelessness, or by service provider name.

Social Policy & Advocacy

Funding Sources - Where do I find the money?

Foundations and other granting organizations are possible sources of funds to support your program. Check them out!

Community foundations should also be considered - just remember they will only fund in their local community  Check their geographic funding restrictions. Here are a few examples:

Writing That Works

Writing a letter of intent or a grant proposal can be difficult. Your writing needs to be very persuasive but also concise.

Georgian's Fundraising and Resource Development program has excellent resources listed on their guide. Many of these are available electronically as the program is fully online.

Here are a few other resources to help: Once you've selected the title, look for "Online Access" in order to view the electronic book.

Evaluation Criteria

Here are a few resources on evaluation research. If you would like to find more, search MultiSearch using the term "evaluation research".

Need To Do Some More Research?

Do you need to describe or demonstrate the need? Consider researching your need to provide background information.

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