Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Key EDI & B Concepts in Design & Visual Arts

The eBooks in this area highlight easily accessible library resources which reflect some of the EDI & B issues and trends in art, design, and museum studies, such as activism, cultural pluralism, and decolonization. This is not an exhaustive list and highlights eBooks. Suggested search terms for searching the library databases are provided at the bottom of this page

Suggested Search Strategies

The library provides great information on EDI & B topics such as cultural diversity, cultural pluralism, and diversity in the arts in its eBooks, books, and scholarly journal articles. To locate further information on EDI & B topics in design and visual arts, consider these search terms when searching both the library's databases and the Internet including:

  • Activism in art
  • Cultural equity in museums
  • Cultural pluralism in the arts
  • Decolonizing art
  • Decolonizing museums
  • Gender diversity in the arts
  • Multiculturalism 
  • Racial diversity in the arts
  • Representation of Indigenous art 
  • Representation of diverse populations in graphic design
  • Underrepresentation in the arts
Google Web Search

Recommended Associations & Key Documents

This list of key associations and documents represents a perspective on equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI & B) issues being addressed in the design and visual arts landscape. This is not an exhaustive list but these resources provide another starting point in your research. Learning about current issues and the language used in new discussions will help you dive into relevant EDI & B discussions in your field of study. 

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