Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Key EDI & B Concepts in Skilled Trades

This section of Key Concepts provides focused content from industry, government and economy experts on the barriers and challenges women, visible minorities and immigrants face as they try to access apprenticeship education and enter the workforce

Suggested Search Strategies

When searching for information, the most discipline-specific content in the skilled trades is emerging from national or provincial trades and apprenticeship organizations such as the Canadian Construction Association and the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum.  These sources discuss industry hiring, labour market trends, career and employment development and apprenticeship opportunities.

The library provides resources on this topic through newspapers, labour market reports and magazine articles. To seek further information, there are multiple search terms which describe the skilled trades:

  • Women in the skilled trades
  • Apprenticeship programs/training
  • Journeypersons (male & female) and/or visible minority journeypersons
  • Labour market outcomes
  • Red seal trades
  • Skills shortage


Google Web Search

Recommended Associations

These key associations, unions and employers provide industry specific information on the barriers and experiences of people seeking apprenticeship and employment in the skilled trades in Canada.  They are the first stop to find information on the current landscape of equity, diversity and inclusion in the multiple occupations which comprise the skilled trades.

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