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APA (7th ed.) Citing Guide: Games, Puppets & Manipulatives

APA 7th Edition

This guide is representative of the 7th edition Publication Manual of APA and focuses on a student paper structure.

APA examples are not exhaustive and focus on referencing and citations. Assistance from your professor and/or Writing Centre is suggested for clarification.

Users are responsible for interpretation of APA style guidelines and to seek further assistance when necessary.

Effective September 2020.

What are Games, Puppets & Manipulatives (Program Resources)?

Some of Georgian's programs have program resources such as puppets, manipulatives or games. These are not considered to be formally published in the same way a book, article or statistic would be.

Below are a few examples of how you might cite one of these items, if required.


  • Check with your professor to see if you really need to cite the item
  • Include the type of item in square brackets after the title (eg: [Flash cards], [Kit]). Be consistent in how you format the "type" if you do multiple items
  • Check MultiSearch/Library catalogue for specific pieces of the citation
  • Use the "Cite" button in MultiSearch with caution - it may not prepare a perfect citation.


When attempting to cite a game from the library collection, look up the item in MultiSearch.

Photo of the outside case of the game "Sensory Diet"

The detailed record for a library item in MultiSearch will display the information needed to prepare a reference list entry.

Screenshot of Sensory diet card game record in MultiSearch
Screenshot source: MultiSearch, August 2016.

Reference list entry:

Calder, T., & Vaughan, J. (2007). Sensory diet cards [Game]. Super Duper Publications.


When citing a kit from the library collection (eg, book and related puppets), look up the item in MultiSearch

Photo of the Napping House kit

The detailed record for a library item in MultiSearch will display the information needed to prepare a reference list entry.

Screenshot source: MultiSearch, August 2016

Reference List Entry:

Wood, A., & Wood, D. (2004). The napping house [Kit]. Harcourt Children's Books.

Note: You can cite the picture book from the kit separately.

In-Text Citation

For all of the examples above, the in-text citation follows the same format unless noted with the example. Refer to the Publication Manual, Section 8.17 for explanation with multiple authors.

Parenthetical citation format: (last name of author(s), year)

e.g. (Calder & Vaughan, 2007)

Narrative citation format: include the author's or authors' names in the sentence, with the date in brackets

e.g. Calder and Vaughan (2007) developed.....

More in-text citation information on this guide.