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APA (7th ed.) Citing Guide: Databases Q-Z

APA 7th Edition

This guide is representative of the 7th edition Publication Manual of APA and focuses on a student paper structure.

APA examples are not exhaustive and focus on referencing and citations. Assistance from your professor and/or Writing Centre is suggested for clarification.

Users are responsible for interpretation of APA style guidelines and to seek further assistance when necessary.

Effective September 2020.

QuickLawPlus and WestLawNext Canada (Legal cases)

Legal cases from QuickLawPlus and WestlawNextCanada may or may not be cited using APA format.

Check with your professor to determine how case law, legislation, and other legal information should be cited in your assignment.

In Canada, most case law and legislation is cited using the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (a.k.a. the "McGill Guide").

University of British Columbia (UBC) Law - Legal Citation Guide provides examples of legal citations using the McGill guide (Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation)

Dalhousie University McGill Citation Style Guide


Reference list entry:

Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes & National Research Council of Canada. (2015). National building code of Canada 2015: Volume 1. (14th ed.). TechStreet. National Research Council of Canada.

Note: Treat each standard or code as a report (textual work). Review the title page and following pages for additional information like editions, etc. Access to these standards and codes may be restricted, so identify the database, e.g. TechStreet, after the title information. If working from a print copy of the standard or code, there will not be a database or URL listed.



Vividata collects consumer information through surveys. Users use the data visualization software, Dapresy, to generate tables.


Vividata generated table

Image Source: Vividata. (2020). [Demographics by generation/age and personally watch Disney channel] [Data set].

Reference List Entry:

Vividata. (2020). [Demographics by generation/age and personally watch Disney channel] [Data set].

Note: The title is in square brackets as you need to create a title for the data you've generated. To describe the item, "Data set" is added and is also in square brackets. The generated data will probably be presented in your paper or presentation as a table or as a graphic. Follow the Tables and Figures recommendations for in-text citations.

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